Marketing Resources Hand-Picked By Me

Marketing and public relations are industries that are constantly in flux and where learning can never stop. There are a lot of resources for marketing, public relations, communications, etc., out there. I’ve seen great resources that provide a lot of value. I’ve also seen resources that provide outdated or incorrect information that I would hate for any new marketer or business owner to follow.

After 15 years working in communications, marketing, and public relations, I’ve identified some great resources that are engaging, timely, entertaining, and most importantly, accurate. Below are a few of my favorites. I add new ones all the time, so bookmark this page to find it again easily!

Marketing & Public Relations Resources

Below are various resources that are great for marketing and public relations professionals or anyone interested in learning more about how to market their business:

Leadership/Entrepreneurship Resources

The resources are the inspiring kind! The ones that make you want to grow and take on the next step in your career (or life):

Hospitality Resources

Restaurants, hotels, food service… hospitality is one of my specialties (and where I am currently working full-time). This industry has seen a massive shift, and these resources will keep you ahead of the curve:

Other Resources I Whole-Heartedly Endorse

Everyone needs a few websites or podcasts that aren’t work-related. I am always looking to grow personally, and these resources have helped me continue to learn outside of my comfort zone:

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Hey friends! Just so there are no surprises, some of the links above are referral or affiliate links. If you do sign up or purchase anything from a link I post on my site, I may be compensated. Please note I would NOT recommend something I have not used myself, so trust that these are all legitimate, and likely, amazing things and worth every penny! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!