Do you like marketing, social media, PR and puppies? Then you’ll probably like me.

Hi there. If you made it here, then you already know I can build a website that leads to multiple page views. You also are likely thinking to yourself, who is Amber?

I’m a marketing and communications professional living in Oklahoma City. I am a millennial (gasp!), but one of those older ones that started out playing Oregon Trail on floppy discs and didn’t get Facebook until I was an adult. That means I literally have seen it all when it comes to digital marketing, and it means I have had to adapt and learn a lot to keep moving forward in my career. You can learn more about the diverse path my career has taken me by checking out my Portfolio page (coming soon!).

On a more personal note, I am married to my high school sweetheart (yes, aww, I know) and together we have two teenagers, three cats and the best pupper in the world.

A Peek Into My Life…

Wondering why I have this website? Well, I want to network. I want to meet more people. I want to keep growing in my career. And most importantly, I wanted a place to share all of my lessons learned, tips, tricks and anything else that comes up in my world.

Phew, okay, if you made it this far, you should probably subscribe to my blog now so we can stay in touch. Want to chat IRL? Reach out via my Contact page and let’s talk.

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Couple of quick disclaimers. Some links on this site may be a part of affiliate programs. I only promote things I love but know I may receive a small commission for any purchases. It helps me keep up this site and continue my goal of getting marketing tips out to the world! And secondly, all opinions on this website, social media, emails, downloads, etc. are mine alone and do not represent my employers in any way.