I’m in a lot of marketing and entrepreneurial groups, and I see this happen so often. Someone will come to the group and ask how long it takes for people to start buying from their Facebook ads. Today, I took a moment to ask the person, who had just started advertising, what objective she used. Conversions. And listen, I get it. You have a product, you wanna sell it, you go for conversions.

But it’s the absolute wrong tactic.

You may have heard talk of the sales and/or marketing funnel, but not really thought twice about it. However, if you are running ads with the hopes of selling something, you need to not only learn more about a funnel, but you need to build one for your business before you spend another ad dollar.

What is the social advertising funnel?

Before you build a funnel, you need to understand what a funnel is. Below is my general advertising funnel.

Social Media Advertising Funnel with Example Advertising Objectives
Social Media Advertising Funnel with Objectives

The top of the funnel is awareness, your coldest audience, the folks you’re working to bring into your brand. They don’t know you or your product, but perhaps they match your customer demographics or have a pain point you can fix. At this point, your ads need to be broad, aiming for the most impressions or biggest reach you can afford. Think about your 30-second business pitch, that can be the content of your ad! While the price per result is lowest here, this should always be the biggest chunk of any ad budget because you need to get a lot of potential customers in the funnel so you can begin pushing through your process.

The middle part of the funnel is consideration, where now your audience knows who you are, but they aren’t sure if they are ready to buy. Consider them the lukewarm bunch. Showing a video, directing to a blog on your website, asking them to join your email list are all great ways to engage this audience and get them moving from casual observer to paying customer.

That brings us to conversion, the most expensive ads when you look at cost per result. BUT, each result is going to be a conversion for you. This is your hot audience… they’ve watched your video, read your blog, joined your list. They are READY and just need that little push to buy. Your message can (and should be) direct, letting them know the time to buy is now. How do you target these people? Customer audiences… which will need to be a whole blog in and of itself.

How do I build a funnel?

Now that you have the gist of what a funnel looks like, it’s time to build your own. In order to do this, you need to think really long and hard about the journey a customer makes to purchase your item. And the more expensive the item, the longer the journey. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as your build out your funnel?


  • Who are my customers? Where are they? (think demographics, social media preferences, etc.)
  • How did my current customers find me? If just starting out, how would you find a similar product/service?
  • How will my customers benefit from my product/service? Is there a problem my brand is fixing?


  • What makes my product/service better then my competitors?
  • How does my product/service work? Are there any behind the scenes opportunities I can show customers?
  • What are current customers saying? Do I have any reviews I can share?


  • How quickly can your product/service solve their pain point after purchase?
  • Can I create some FOMO (fear of missing out) with my product?
  • Is there a sale or promotion I can send?

Put all of these together, and now you are beginning to see not only the customer journey but an advertising funnel with content ideas to get you started. The biggest takeaway is to put on the hat of your customer and really think through what it takes to get them from not know who you are to becoming a paying customer!

Pro-tip… don’t forget to keep them engaged post-purchase as well! Happy customers become loyal customers! More on that later.

I want to know… What is your pain point with social advertising? Have you had some phenomenal wins? Maybe some losses that became awesome lessons learned? Share in the comments below!

Want to chat more on the funnel for you business? Hit me up on my Contact page!

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